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Rescue Drysuit Repair Glue - Supplier

We use repair glue from the American manufacturer AQUASEAL®. The FD™ series is used to repair rescue drysuits and can be used with FD™ Cure Accelerator (formerly Cotol-240). The NEO™ series is used to repair rescue wetsuits. The SR™ series is used to repair shoes.

  • AQUASEAL®+FD™ Rescue Drysuit Repair Glue-0.25oz
    AQUASEAL®+FD™ Repair Glue-0.25oz
  • AQUASEAL®+FD™ Rescue Drysuit Repair Glue-0.75oz
    AQUASEAL®+FD™ Repair Glue-0.75oz
  • AQUASEAL®+FD™ Rescue Drysuit Repair Glue-8oz
    AQUASEAL®+FD™ Repair Glue-8oz

AQUASEAL® Repair Glue - FD™

Explain: AQUASEAL®+FD™ is a clear, water-resistant polyurethane adhesive that cures to an elastic rubber that can withstand constant pulling and movement with excellent abrasion resistance, primarily used for repairing rescue drysuits.

Note: 0.25 oz (7g), 0.75 oz (21g), 8 oz (226g).

  • AQUASEAL®+FD™ Rescue Drysuit Cure Accelerator-0.34oz
    AQUASEAL® Cure Accelerator-0.34oz
  • AQUASEAL®+FD™ Rescue Drysuit Cure Accelerator-1qt
    AQUASEAL® Cure Accelerator-1qt

AQUASEAL® Cure Accelerator

Explain: AQUASEAL® cure accelerator has cleans and prepares surfaces and accelerates the cure rate of polyurethane adhesives. It can be used with AQUASEAL® FD™ series, SR™ series and Seam Grip WP™ series repair glues.

Note: 0.34 oz (10ml) Cure Accelerator + 0.75 oz FD™ Repair Glue Kit, 1 qt (946ml).

  • AQUASEAL®+NEO™ Rescue Wetsuit Repair Glue-1.5oz
    AQUASEAL®+NEO™ Repair Glue-1.5oz
  • AQUASEAL®+NEO™ Rescue Wetsuit Repair Glue-4oz
    AQUASEAL®+NEO™ Repair Glue-4oz

AQUASEAL® Repair Glue - NEO™

Explain: AQUASEAL®+NEO™ is a black cr adhesive that dries within 20 minutes and cures to an elastic rubber that stretches and flexes with the fabric, primarily used for repairing rescue wetsuits.

Note: 1.5 oz (44ml), 4 oz (120ml).

  • AQUASEAL®+SR™ Shoes Repair Glue-1oz
    AQUASEAL®+SR™ Repair Glue-1oz

AQUASEAL® Repair Glue - SR™

Explain: AQUASEAL®+SR™ (formerly Freesole) is a clear, water-repellent polyurethane adhesive that cures to an elastic rubber that flexes with all types of shoes, has excellent abrasion resistance, and is primarily used for repairing shoes.

Note: 1 oz (28g).