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In addition to manufacturing rescue drysuit, rescue wetsuit, rescue life jacket, rescue gloves, rescue boots and other main products, we will also manufacture some related accessories products, such as rescue throw bag, rescue gear bag etc. If customers have special needs, they can provide designs or ideas to ask us to implement.

In fact, the demand for rescue products is not large, and there are many styles and requirements. It is also difficult to find suitable factories for these related accessories. Therefore, we will produce these related accessories for customers who purchase our main products , But it is not our main direction, so we do not accept separate orders.

  • Rescue Throw Bag

Rescue Throw Bag

Material: PU Coated Nylon / INVISTA 500D Cordura®.

Color: Orange (International rescue organization designated color).

Rope: Polypropylene rope (Yellow).

Rope Diameter: 6mm ± 0.3 (Optional 8mm).

Rope Length: 25M (Optional other lengths).

Explain: Internal foam flotation keeps the bag on the top of the water where you need it for rescue.

  • Rescue Gear Bag

Rescue Gear Bag

Material: 600D Oxford Fabric / INVISTA 1000D Cordura®.

Color: Optional red, black and orange.

Belts: Grab n Go pull strap and removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap.

Zip: Multiple YKK® zippers, the main zipper is protected by a zipper flap.

Side Pocket: A face mask bag on one side and a helmet bag on the other.

Explain: Rugged, feature-rich and powerful storage capabilities.

Water Rescue Gear Special Instructions:

We are a professional factory manufacturing drysuits, wetsuits and PFDs, non-commercial company. Rescue drysuits, rescue wetsuits, rescue PFDs, rescue gloves and rescue boots are subdivided products produced by ourselves. We do not produce auxiliary products such as rescue helmets, but if the customer needs it, we can purchase for it.

We accept OEM, ODM and small-scale orders and provide customization and maintenance services. We can develop and manufacture various related products according to customer needs. But we do not participate in government or commercial bidding activities. We only focus on our professional manufacturing field and provide products and support services for related companies.